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Friday Jul 08th, 2016


When it comes to choosing paint colours for resale, we are consistently asked by our clients what to use and most often we make the same recommendations - these colours have proven time and time again just how successful they are in our staging formula, resulting in us selling homes 4X faster and for much higher money than industry average*. Below are our top 8 paint choices for resale, along with examples of where we have used them in the past and the strong results we achieved by doing so.

Fog Mist is part of the off-white colour collection at Benjamin Moore and adds sophistication and tranquility to any room; consider using this colour to create a gallery like feel to showcase black and white photography and other neutral artwork. In the property shown above it highlights the white architectural details throughout, while creating contrast in regards to the beautiful rich hardwood flooring. Home buyers were able to focus in on the property's features and potential, resulting in a record sale price with multiple offers!

Sherwin William's Agreeable Gray has broken its way into the "greige" category, offering up a warm combination of both gray and beige. It's a hip and trendy colour which appears cooler and more contemporary. The colour itself is so neutral it literally agrees with any home buyer; such was the case in the property shown above which sold above asking price on the first day on market with multiple offers!

Chelsea Fog by CIL is a soft gray with subtle hints of blue and green. Consider using this colour to add a playful whimsical vibe to a space or in any bathroom. In the photo above we chose this colour to compliment the architectural details including the white wainscoting and trim, the rich brown hues found in the hardwood, and to also highlight the farm house kitchen and linen decor elements found in the living space. All elements combined create a warm welcoming impression to all home buyers, resulting in this property being sold first day on market!

One of our most favourite and successful colour selections is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. Tried, tested and true - consider using this colour as a safe choice that will work well with everything in your home. This light gray contains warm undertones which create a strong unified look in any open concept space, but can also be used in separate corridors in order to achieve calming effects alike to the master bedroom portrayed above in a penthouse suite which sold first day on market with multiple offers - can't beat that!

Alike to Chelsea Fog, Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore contains serene blue undertones - perfect for most bathrooms and even master suites, where home buyers desire relaxing and calming environments. The property depicted above sold for record price in its complex!

Stonington Gray is a part of Benjamin Moore's Historical Collection and is becoming one of our newest favourites, due to its ability to adapt to any traditional or contemporary space. It's classic and inviting tones create refined and elegant atmospheres, which is appealing to all home buyers. In the above image Stonington Gray was used throughout all main areas, as it complimented the large variety of finishes used throughout the home and resulted in a record sales price in its complex!

Thunder is part of Benjamin Moore's Affinity Collection, composed of colours that have the ability to work seamlessly on their own or within colour combinations. Even though Thunder is a deeper tone it remains a safe choice, with its warm gray hue and beige undertones. Here we paired it with other alike neutrals including white, gray and pops of dark chocolate brown and an oil rubbed pendant light fixture for a dramatic effect. We received multiple offers, resulting in a sale on the first day the property was placed on market!

Baby Fawn is another warm neutral set out by Benjamin Moore, evoking a welcoming invitation to all home buyers. Consider using this colour if you have gaps of natural light throughout your home. In the property above we used Baby Fawn throughout the main level to brighten up otherwise darker areas, as it reflects light. The darker flooring and cabinetry finish provide a contrasted grounding in the space as a whole and the metallic accents complete the overall luxurious look - resulting in a record sale price in its complex! The Urban Group features a full service team to assist you, ensuring a successful sale, so call on us today or fill out our contact form by clicking here to get your complimentary consultation booked and underway.

*Residential homes data: Source RAHB Fusion Jan 1/14 to Jan 30/15.

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