Tips For Showcasing Your Outdoor Living Space In The Spring Market

Tuesday Aug 16th, 2016



Now that warmer spring weather is here, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor living space to make your home more inviting and expand your living area. Outdoor spaces have become more elaborate in recent years, and even small changes can make a big difference. Fixing up the outdoors is important to sellers who want to stage their homes properly and to buyers who want to fix up their new home.


Tip #1: Keep up with Lawn Maintenance



A beautiful lawn without unsightly dead areas and crabgrass patches requires regular maintenance to keep the grass looking green and lush. Water the lawn early in the morning or late in the evening to distribute water evenly and avoid dry spots. Infrequent, deep water penetration encourages root growth and increases your lawn’s resistance to disease. Sharpen up your mower blades and cut the grass high, around 2.5 to 3.5 inches or more, and try to avoid mowing in the hot part of the day or when the grass is wet. Remember to leave some clippings as mulch to return nitrogen, an essential nutrient, to the soil. It also helps to vary your mowing pattern to avoid matting down the grass. Use an organic fertilizer rich in nitrogen at least once each year, and sprinkling less in shady areas.  Don’t forget to aerate your lawn in the fall to avoid soil compacting that can prevent root expansion and lead to poor drainage.


Tip #2: Create an Inviting Outdoor Space



The trend today is toward casual indoor/outdoor living, and even if your home is set on a smaller lot you can design a wonderful area to take full advantage outdoors living. The smallest of spaces can provide an inviting oasis for al fresco dining and relaxing, especially with natural foliage as a backdrop. Landscaping with flowering shrubbery and strategic placement of large pots of annuals can create the right ambiance. Large urns and oversized planters overflowing with gorgeous impatiens, marigolds, begonias and pansies are ideal. Gardeners also use annual flowers to fill in spaces when they pull spring weeds from the mulch around shrubs. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger outdoor space, you can plan sections for seating, add a play area or even include a swimming or lap pool.


Tip #3: Give your Deck a Makeover



If you already have a wood deck, you can improve it with some cost-effective ideas that will make a real difference. Additional lighting is an easy fix that provides an immediate improvement for people who love to use their deck at night. Solar powered lighting comes on at dusk, lasts for hours, and does not require wiring of any kind. A beautiful stone landing at the foot of the deck stairs can provide a natural transition to the yard. If your neighbours are close, consider a lattice privacy screen or climbing plants on a trellis. Of course, spring is the time to give your deck a thorough spring cleaning and seal it to preserve its beauty.


Tip #4: Make your Yard a Shady Retreat



Some yards have naturally shaded areas, but even so they may need some help to provide more shade for comfort. Shade trees are an attractive and natural way to cool off your yard. But planting a massive oak tree is not practical for every area, especially those that are close to the house. Retractable awnings and large umbrellas are traditional solutions, and free-standing gazebos are gaining in popularity. If you do decide to plant a shade tree, the elm and red maple are fast-growing options.


Tip # 5: Add Features for the “Wow” Factor



Homeowners interested in turning outdoor spaces into entertainment areas and living rooms are adding amenities for function as well as drama. Gorgeous stone retaining walls that complement tiled patios, outdoor fireplaces and elaborate decks grace the outdoors and expand entertainment areas. Full outdoor kitchens are replacing the barbecue, and impressive fire pits, surround sound systems and LED lighting are becoming more common. Some homeowners are opting for multi-level decking to add visual interest.



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